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What is Shoestring?

Shoestring Theatre is an independent company based in Omaha, Nebraska, that has created, adapted, and performed various pieces of theatre art, every summer, since 2018.

How did it happen?

Shoestring can be "tied" back to the Summer of 2018, when a group of high-schoolers were attending The Great Plains Theatre Conference (GPTC) at the Metropolitan Community College (MCC) in Omaha, Nebraska. On a whim, they concluded that they wanted to independently make theatre art. And without any funds, they regularly joked about being on a shoestring budget (hence, the name). This small budget also meant that one of their homes would become the performance venue, and costumes would come from the cast's closets.

Thus, Shoestring was born, and with it: Almost, Maine.

What's happening now?

With the current production team consisting of Shannon Chinn and Kate Stacy, Shoestring Theatre is preparing for the 2023 Season.

Pictures from Previous Productions

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