What is Shoestring?

The Shoestring Theatre Company is an independent company based in Omaha, Nebraska, that has created, adapted, and performed various pieces of theatre art every summer since 2018.

How did it happen?

The origins of Shoestring can be tied back to the Summer of 2018, when three high-schoolers were attending The Great Plains Theatre Conference (GPTC) at the Metropolitan Community College (MCC) in Omaha, Nebraska. This conference aims to bring Omaha playwrights to the public view, and the three were a part of a Young Playwrights group accepted to attend the conference. After viewing a newly written play reading, the three were discussing with an individual about community theatre. He began to tell them his philosophy on the artform: theatre can be done anywhere, any time, any place, as long as you try hard enough. This, along with the excitement of being given the opportunity to be a part of GPTC, inspired them to take a leap.

Rehashing about what they heard, they all concluded that they wanted to independently make theatre art. Coming from the same high school theatre program, two who would be attending the same college for theatre (in some degree), there were no qualms with continuing to do theatre during the span of their newly freed summer. With no funds, the three regularly joked about being on a shoestring budget (hence, the name). Because of budget, one of their homes would also be the venue, as well as costumes coming from the closets of the cast.

Thus, Shoestring was born, and with it: Almost, Maine.

What's happening now?

With the current production team consisting of Shannon Chinn and Kate Stacy, Shoestring Theatre is currently in early development for the Unannounced 2022 Season.

Pictures from Previous Productions