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Lest Faith Turn



Low and behold– the Capulet Family welcomes you to witness man’s greatest innovations at their annual showcase fair. Discover the spark of creation, the exuberance of passion, the incandescence of ingenuity…

But not every spark burns as bright.

When two houses of industry find themselves divided by progress and tradition, our fated lovers see how their world can turn on a different axis. Or perhaps you wish to meet the ardent flame of Paris, who seeks to reverse the rotations of time gone by.

Will the faith of these lovers’ burn bright, or will they be strangled by the hands of time?

Immerse yourself in a universe where fate may truly be written in the stars, lest faith turn to despair.

An Immersive Romeo & Juliet

Summer 2022

Cast Needs:
          11-13 people (Male/Female)

          **Full vaccination, including booster, required for cast**

Tape Submissions:
          1:00-2:00 prepared piece (Shakespearean monologue, preferred)
          Self-tape horizontal video and 
rehearsal contract submitted to Shoestring's email (
         Additionally, we highly encourage (though do not require) individuals to submit one short piece (monologue or scene) of written writing in a Shakespearean or similar style. Previous cast members may submit already used material.

         An in-person callback will be held on May 21st, with rehearsals beginning shortly after.

          Hybrid/Digital Format- May/Early June
          Omaha Location- Rest of June/July

          Tentative Dates/Times- July 28th-31st @ 8:00 pm & 9:00 pm
          Location- Site-specific home in Omaha, NE.

Production Information:
  Please read prior to audition submission-

Production Breakdown and Expectations

          Have questions, or are interested in production team/technical crew?
          • Email, or DM Shoestring Theatre on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

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