Come From The Grave

An Immersive Reimagining of Shakespeare's Hamlet

Summer 2021

Tickets $5 For One Show, $8 For Both

With Elsinore left in shambles and the tragic massacre of Hamlet and his loved ones but a mere memory, Horatio is left to pick up the pieces and finds himself back where it all began. Amidst the buzz and bustle of publications across the nation slandering Hamlet’s good name, he is determined to unveil the true story of what took place that fateful night in 1933.

But at what cost? And what souls have come from the grave to speak their truths?

Follow these lost spirits in an all-immersive experience as they navigate a house of deceit, passion, tragedy, and the undiscovered country: death.

Cast Needs:
          10-14 people (Male/Female)

          **Full vaccination required for cast**

Tape Submissions:
          1:00-2:00 prepared piece (Shakespearean monologue, preferred)
          Self-tape horizontal video, and
rehearsal contract.
          Submitted to Shoestring's email 
          Submissions due June 10th.

          Hybrid/Digital Format- Month of June
          Omaha Location- Month of July

          Dates/Times- July 29th - August 1st @ 9:00 pm & 10:00 pm
          Location- Site-specific home in Omaha, NE.

Production Information:
          This production is fully immersive, with heavy audience interaction and participation. Unlike that of a traditional stage, immersive theatre utilizes a site-specific, two-story home and outdoor space as a means of storytelling.
          Come From the Grave is looking for performers who are creative, innovative, and open to experimenting with the text, as well as coming up with their own creative takes on the show. They will need to be able to collaborate with others ,and work together in a group to create a cohesive ensemble. Performers will need the imagination to generate ideas, the teamwork skills to work in an ensemble, and the ability to connect with an audience. 


          Have questions, or are interested in production team/technical crew?
          • Email, or DM Shoestring Theatre on our Instagram/Twitter