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With Zoomstring having wrapped up this August, the Summer 2020 Season of Shoestring Theatre has unfortunately come to a close. To see all episodes of Zoomstring, please visit our Previous Seasons page.

However, the production team is in the early stages of development for the Summer 2020 Untitled Season! See updates below.

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"This show was a treasure. First interactive one I saw, and I loved it even more the second time. Great job Shoestring!"

"Sweet, funny, and heart-warming; you've got to see what it looks like when young people with passion and grit start making theatre for themselves"

2020 Season Updates

  8.11.19 | Production team closes The Inflexible Heart, and briefly discusses plans for next season

  8.13.19 | 2020 Season confirmed

  12.8.19 | New venue confirmed

12.12.19 | Directors confirmed

12.29.19 | Meeting; first concepts proposed

    1.2.20 | Show confirmed

  3.10.20 | Meeting for further planning

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